First off: What is a “doublet”? A doublet is a slice of a stone adhered to a backing. With Opals, making them into doublets is more common than you’d think. If you own opal jewelry, you may already own a doublet! The goal with doublets is to maximize what you get for your money. These earrings appear to be solid opal from the top all the way down to the backplate, but what they are is a slice of well protected genuine Boulder Opal from Australia atop a strong backing. If the whole piece was solid Boulder Opal, these earrings would be close to $2K. Instead, using doublets for these earrings allows the wearer to experience the true beauty of an AAA Australian Boulder Opal without breaking the bank! Opal doublets are not worth any less than solid opal. The top layer (the actual opal) is still priced per carat the same as a solid opal. Purchasing a doublet is just a more economical way to own some of nature’s beauty. These earrings are adorned with hand woven sterling silver coils, chains, and surgical steel (hypoallergenic) ear hooks.

Boulder Opal Doublet Earrings

$328.00 Regular Price
$262.40Sale Price