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Yes, this is fossilized dinosaur bone! The pattern you see in the stone is the actual cell structure. This stone has the typical red coloring, but also has yellow and hints of the very rare purple coloration! I love working with dinosaur bone. The only thing cooler than getting to work with something millions of years old is getting to wear it! I personally think it looks best on this 4mm black leather cord, but I do have other options available, including 3mm cream, 4mm white, 4mm brown, as well as a 5mm teal. All of my cord options are genuine leather. The standard length for a bolo is 38" for masculine wear. Most people prefer the ends of the tips to sit about 3 to 4 inches below the sternum or breastbone. If you take a tape measure around the back of your neck and measure to where you would like the bolo tips to sit, I will calculate in the tip length to ensure your bolo is the length you want. You will just need to send me a message if you want any specifications like this. Otherwise, the bolo will come as the standard 38" length. The price of each bolo includes a cord length of up to 38" with no extra charge. You will need to reach out to me if you would like a loger bolo, as there is a $1 charge for every additional inch after 38". You can select your cord choice, as well as a tip choice for the ends! The tips included in the price are the standard gold and silver tips, which can accomodate 3, 4, and 5mm cords. I have additional tips listed on the page with the rest of the bolos that you can select for a slight upcharge. The sizes for the tips are listed, so be sure if you are choosing a 4mm cord, you choose a tip that says it can accomodate that. If you would like a pair of the specialty add on tips, add them to your cart. When you select your choice of bolo, just select silver or gold as the tip option that defaults. I will know if I see specialty tips in your order that you would like to have them on your bolo. Please do not hesisate to reach out if you have any questions! I also have special bolo tips listed separately if you would like something special that is limited in quantity.

Genuine Fossilized Dinosaur Bone Bolo Tie

SKU: Bone
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