About Western Wire Weaving

I'm a jeweler, an introvert, a pizza lover, and a daughter. As important as the pizza part might seem, I think the daughter part is more important to talk about. It all comes full circle, I promise. As long as I can remember, my parents have supported my love of jewelry making. A small rock shop on a rundown boardwalk in Montrose Colorado was where I learned to make my first beaded bracelet when I was 8 years old. The owner, Dennis, took pity on me I think, (my mom had her own store and I was incredibly bored) and he taught me how to use crimp beads and attach a clasp. I was hooked. Pun intended. From then on, I sold my creations alongside my mom at the local farmers market. I remember once I saved enough money from my sales and bought a pair of DC skate shoes, because that was the height of "cool" at the time. It wasn't, and I didn't skateboard. But I was stoked! In March of 2017, I picked up a piece of Peacock Ore, and some cheap craft wire and figured I would wire wrap it. It was atrocious, but my parents still acted impressed, and that fueled the fire that has become Western Wire Weaving. I began investing in copper wire, proper tools, and stone cabochons. Again, I started selling my jewelry at the farmers market with my mom and dad, and I even joined my first craft show. Between making jewelry and my job as a grocery store manager, I started to get quickly overwhelmed, and I had to choose, and I chose my job. For nearly a year, I gave up jewelry and my budding business grew stagnant. In October of 2020, I received an offer to work from home as a mortgage loan underwriter, which I quickly jumped on. This new job allowed me to reconnect with myself and my passions, and thankfully, that included my business! After joining TikTok, my curiosity for silversmithing grew, and with the help of the online wire wrapping/silver smith community, I ventured into using sterling silver and basic metal smith techniques. Recently, I have started taking a metal basics class at a local studio to further my knowledge and expand my potential. I love what I do, and I also love pizza. I told you it would come full circle! Contact me any time with questions or suggestions, and I will gladly answer them all. Thank you!