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This behemoth of Blue Opal Wood with copper inclusions is embellished with a sterling silver wire wrap of twists and turns of coils! Yes, Blue Opal Wood is true petrified wood. It is mined in Indonesia. This particular material came about from years and years of silicification (opalization) in which silica slowly replaces the cells of the wood, leaving behind this beautiful blue/teal opal. There are also copper deposits in the stone, and when polished to a high shine, the copper shines as well, as seen in the photos. This is my absolute favorite material to work with, I just never get tired of looking at it. This is a true statement piece. This piece will come with a special chain, at whatever length you would like. I have several sterling silver chain options, and upon purchase, I will be reaching out to show them to you so you can decide which you'd like. 

Blue Opal Wood Pendant

  • To care for your Western Wire Weaving silver pieces, I recommend a silver polishing cloth. You can always ship pieces back to me, and I will polish them for you with my polishing discs, but you would need to pay shipping both ways. I do not charge anything but the shipping to polish pieces that you have purchased from me. If you are local to the Montrose CO area, I can always meet you to pick them up. Just send a message through the contact tab!    

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