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So why is this material so extremely rare? One word: Dendrites. Dendrites are natural tree-like formations of an element or mineral in a host stone, that, starting from an origin point, migrate and spread outward. In this case, the host stone is Kingman Turquoise! Finding dendrites in turquoise is rare enough, but dendrites this well defined in such a vibrant host stone? That makes this pair extremely rare. Now on to the earring part of this item! I handcrafted these earrings from .925 sterling silver, and brass. The brass has been hand sawed to resemble a sunburst, and hand engraved to add depth and dimension. Two double sterling silver coils accent each earring. These earrings are lightweight and perfect for everyday wear. All earrings are made with surgical steel ear wires, which are hypoallergenic and great for sensitive ears. You can trust me, I have extremely sensitive ears, I tested them on myself! 

Extremely Rare Dendrite Kingman Turquoise Earrings

$268.00 Regular Price
$214.40Sale Price
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