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Wear something millions of years old! This rare red and yellow fossilized dinosaur bone is a one of a kind statement piece meant to last a lifetime. If you look closely, you can actually see the cell structure immortalized in the stone. To emphasize the unique bright color presentation in this piece, I have added four 4mm citrine faceted gems, as well as six 3mm almandine garnet facets. This pendant will come on a standard 18 inch sterling silver chain. If you prefer a different chain length, please contact me and I will be happy make adjustments. There is no charge for a shorter chain, but a $2 charge for every additional inch of length added to the base 18”.

Genuine Fossilized Dinosaur Bone Pendant

  • With this piece, it would be best to return it to me to be polished back to a high shine. You will need to cover shipping to and from me, but any maintainence polishing is free with pieces of this value. If you do not want to do this, you can use a silver polishing cloth. Another option is dawn dish soap and 000 steel wool. Scrub gently to restore some shine. I recommend extreme caution when polishing this way, anything more abrasive than 000 steel wool can scratch the stones and the wire.

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