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Norwegian Moonstone, contrary to its name, is actually a form of Feldspar. This gorgeous gray flashy bar pendant is a great neutral addition to any outfit! Every copper pendant comes with a standard 18 inch copper chain with a lobster claw clasp. It should not tarnish on your neck; I purchase jeweler grade chain. If you would like a leather cord instead, there is no upcharge! Just add a message on your order, or submit a message through my contact page. If you want the chain/cord longer or shorter, there is no charge for that either. Just let me know! If no message is sent, your pendant will be shipped with an 18 inch chain, as is standard.

Norwegian Moonstone Pendant

  • To care for your copper Western Wire Weaving pieces, you can use some Dawn dish soap and some 000 steel wool. I get mine at Home Depot, it's cheap! Run under warm water, and gently scrub oxidation away to return the piece to it's shiny original state. Dry completely. 

    Do not shower with your copper pieces. Remove when doing dishes, and generally keep moisture-free. The copper will naturally darken over time, but moisture will make it happen much faster. 

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