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Yes, this is topaz! Topaz comes in all different colors, and this gorgeous teal blue is to die for! Copper wire wrapped ring with a decorative braid on the band! Will this turn your finger green? Yes - at first. Once the copper adjusts to your skin's PH level, the oxidation (which causes you to go green) will stop. I use jeweler's copper to make my copper pendants and rings so that you can enjoy the joys of copper without long term oxidation issues. Because the band wraps around itself, it is usually safe to go down a half size with these rings. So, if your finger is about a 7, you should be good to go with one of my rings that is listed at a 6.5. They have wiggle room! This makes it easier to swap them between different fingers, too.

Topaz Ring - Size 7

  • To care for your copper Western Wire Weaving pieces, you can use some Dawn dish soap and some 000 steel wool. I get mine at Home Depot, it's cheap! Run under warm water, and gently scrub oxidation away to return the piece to it's shiny original state. Dry completely. 

    Do not shower with your copper pieces. Remove when doing dishes, and generally keep moisture-free. The copper will naturally darken over time, but moisture will make it happen much faster. 

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